How To Customise Widget In Admin

If Tonic is the main ticket seller for your event then it is a requirement to have the ticket link attached to your website. This can be done a number of ways, either in widget format or by using the URL link and directing customers directly to the DMN event page.

The main advantages to using the widget code on your website are that it can be customised to match the appearance of your site, it is easy to navigate and means at no point is the customer being directed away from your website.

- log into event admin
- click TONIC and then MANAGE on the event page you wish to generate a widget for 
- scroll down to the WIDGET section
- you are able to customise the widget in SECTION 1 by clicking 'get started', find the code in SECTION 2 and an example of the widget to the right hand side. 

The best way of figuring out what widget customisation will work for your website is by trying out each of the functions and viewing the appearance of them on the right hand side of the page. Frequently used widget settings are:

DISPLAY THE DATE AS A CALENDAR OR LIST - whether event dates should appear in number or written form
TEXT COLOUR - to suit the background colour of your website, you can change the text to either light or dark 
SHOW OR HIDE SOLD OUT TICKETS - you have the option to hit sold out events to make the selection process easier for the customer
WIDGET MODE - either a button just stating 'buy now' can be initially visible to the customer or a calendar
SHOW OR HIDE HEADER OF THE FORM - able to remove the widget title header
SHOW OR HIDE THE BORDER OF THE FROM - removing the border allows the widget to blend in 

To reset all customisation settings back to default click the RESET DEFAULTS button 

Calendar widget VS list widget                         

Light text:                                         No border:


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