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Integrating / Using Google AdWords

Google AdWords conversion tracker provides an insight into how customers are finding event pages. It's an effective way to help understand which Google AdWords campaigns are attracting the most attention and performing most efficiently. 

Follow the steps below to successfully get set up with Google AdWords:

1. Log into Google AdWords account
2. Select Tools
3. Select Conversions
4. Click + Conversion and create a title (we suggest 'Tonic Event Name/Date')
5. Select Webpage as the conversion source
6. Don’t Assign A Value as the conversion value
7. Save
8. Select I Make Changes To The Code To Get The Conversion Code and note down the ‘google_conversion_id’ and the ‘google_conversion_label’

Syncing with Tonic:

1. Click Manage on your Event
2. Select Sales Tracking
3. Select AdWords Conversions tab
4. Paste the ‘google_conversion_id’ and ‘google_conversion_label’ into the corresponding boxes
5. Save

If you found this helpful, you may also be interested in integrating your Google Analytics account.

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