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Welcome to our Customer Success Portal. Tonic Ticketing truly puts customer service at the forefront of everything we do. Please use this portal to search for answers to any questions you may have and we hope you find this useful. 

Knowledge Base

  1. Ticket Widget 

    1. Adding Widget onto a Wix created website
    2. Add Widget To Website
    3. How To Customise The Widget Yourself
    4. Open Widget on a Specific Date
  2. Latest News 

    1. Guidance on GDPR
    2. Daily Sales Volume Graph
    3. Additional Product Purchases / Merchandise
    4. Admin Menu Structure on DMN Ticketing
    5. Admin Page Sales Figures / Quick Sales View
  3. Getting Set Up On Tonic 

    1. How To Log In
    2. Lost / Change Password
    3. Create A New Event / View Events
    4. Duplicate / Copy Event Page
    5. How To Add A User To Your Event
  4. Edit Event Details / Listing  

    1. Add New Event Dates
    2. Add Pictures / Videos To Event Page
    3. Add Pre-Sale Message
    4. Add Wait List To Event Page
    5. User Reviews
  5. Edit Tickets 

    1. Add Ticket Types
    2. Set Tickets On-Sale For Specific Dates
    3. How To Set Total Tickets Per Event / Prevent Overselling
    4. Set Ticket Time Slot Allocations / Group Tickets
    5. Automatically Set Tickets On Sale/Off Sale
  6. Manage Ticket Sales  

    1. Edit / Update Ticket Allocation
    2. Switch Tickets By Type or Date
    3. Move Purchase From One Event To Another
    4. Set Event To Sold Out
    5. Taking Ticket Types Off Sale
  7. Attendee List  

    1. Add Guest Booking or Send Complimentary Ticket
    2. Contact / Email Attendees
    3. Add Comments To Attendee List
    4. Download Attendee List
    5. Create a Tags/Label Report or Staff Rota
  8. Event Brands 

    1. Create An Event Brand
    2. Add Events To Event Brand
    3. Event Brand - Custom Design
    4. Custom Design Colour Options
    5. Add Event Brand Widget To Website
  9. Ticket Sale Functionalities  

    1. Add Discount Codes
    2. Reserve Tickets
    3. Shortened Ticket Link For Social Media
    4. How To Accept Reps / Become A Rep
    5. Add Pre-Sale Codes
  10. Attaching Ticket Link To Website  

    1. Add Ticket Link To Website
  11. Ticket Sale Breakdown 

    1. Download Customer Data
    2. View Ticket Sales Report
    3. View Page Visitor Analytics
    4. Daily Sales Report
  12. Finance 

    1. Next Payment / Getting Paid
    2. Add Bank Details
    3. View/Download Financial Statements
    4. Why We Charge VAT
  13. Troubleshooter  

    1. ISSUE: Event Page Set To Sold Out
    2. ISSUE: Submitting Changes To Event Page
    3. Troubleshooting: How to take a screenshot of the Console
    4. Troubleshooting: How To Clear Browser History/Cache
    5. Troubleshooting: Clear Site Data
  14. Tonic Scanner App 

    1. Scanner App
    2. Check In Attendees
    3. How To Add Users To The Scanner App
  15. Tracking 

    1. Sales Tracking Codes
    2. Google Analytics
    3. Google Analytics Goal Tracking
    4. Integrating / Using Facebook Pixel
    5. Integrating / Using Google AdWords
  16. Soda - Gift Voucher Set Up 

    1. Setting Up Your Soda Account: Brand Settings
    2. Setting Up Your Soda Account: Delivery Options
    3. Setting Up Your Soda Account: Finance Settings
    4. Setting Up Your Soda Account: User Permissions
    5. How To Create a Gift Voucher / Voucher Settings
  17. Soda - Gift Voucher Redemption 

    1. How To Redeem A Voucher In Soda
    2. How To Redeem A Voucher In Tonic
    3. Edit E-Voucher Information
  18. Soda - Gift Voucher Design 

    1. Voucher Design
    2. Custom Voucher Template
  19. All articles 

    1. Scanner App
    2. Edit / Update Ticket Allocation
    3. How To Log In
    4. Add New Event Dates
    5. Add Ticket Types
    101 articles 

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