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  1. Add Bank Details

  2. Add Comments To Attendee List

  3. Add Discount Codes

  4. Add Event Brand Widget To Website

  5. Add Events To Event Brand

  6. Add Guest Booking or Send Complimentary Ticket

  7. Add Message To Ticket or Confirmation Email

  8. Add New Event Dates

  9. Add Pictures / Videos To Event Page

  10. Add Pre-Sale Codes

  11. Add Pre-Sale Message

  12. Add Ticket Link To Website

  13. Add Ticket Types

  14. Add VAT Number and Company Name to Event

  15. Add Wait List To Event Page

  16. Add Widget To Website

  17. Adding Widget onto a Wix created website

  18. Additional Product Purchases / Merchandise

  19. Admin Menu Structure on DMN Ticketing

  20. Admin Page Sales Figures / Quick Sales View

  21. Automatically Set Tickets On Sale/Off Sale

  22. Buy One Get One Free / Promotions

  23. Cancel Event Date

  24. Check In Attendees

  25. Collect Customer Data

  26. Contact / Email Attendees

  27. Coronavirus: information for event organisers

  28. Coronavirus: Tonic Support

  29. Corporate Card Fee

  30. Create A New Event / View Events

  31. Create a Tags/Label Report or Staff Rota

  32. Create An Event Brand

  33. Custom Design Colour Options

  34. Custom Voucher Template

  35. Daily Sales Report

  36. Daily Sales Volume Graph

  37. Data Collection

  38. DeliverMyNight: Event Set Up

  39. Discount Code Exposure

  40. Discount Code Reporting tab

  41. Download Attendee List

  42. Download Customer Data

  43. Duplicate / Copy Event Page

  44. Edit / Update Ticket Allocation

  45. Edit E-Voucher Information

  46. Edit Name on E-Ticket

  47. Event Brand - Custom Design

  48. Event Status - Public vs Hidden

  49. Export Sales Report

  50. Google Analytics

  51. Google Analytics Goal Tracking

  52. Guidance on GDPR

  53. How To Absorb Booking Fee

  54. How To Accept Reps / Become A Rep

  55. How To Add A User To Your Event

  56. How To Add Users To The Scanner App

  57. How To Bundle Tickets

  58. How To Create a Gift Voucher / Voucher Settings

  59. How To Customise The Widget Yourself

  60. How To Duplicate/Copy Ticket Type

  61. How To Find A Past Event

  62. How To Find Gift Voucher URL

  63. How To Find Video Share URL on YouTube or Vimeo

  64. How To Log In

  65. How To Redeem A Voucher In Soda

  66. How To Redeem A Voucher In Tonic

  67. How to Resend E-ticket to Customer

  68. How To Set Total Tickets Per Event / Prevent Overselling

  69. How To Set Up Automated Emailing

  70. Integrating / Using Facebook Pixel

  71. Integrating / Using Google AdWords

  72. Issue A Refund

  73. Issue a Voucher

  74. Issue A Voucher In Exchange For E-Ticket/Booking

  75. ISSUE: Event Page Set To Sold Out

  76. ISSUE: Submitting Changes To Event Page

  77. Linked Occurrences

  78. Lost / Change Password

  79. Marketing opt-in

  80. Move Purchase From One Event To Another

  81. Next Payment / Getting Paid

  82. Open Widget on a Specific Date

  83. Pre Sale Functionality

  84. Reduced VAT rate

  85. Reserve Tickets

  86. Sales Tracking Codes

  87. Scanner App

  88. Set Event To Sold Out

  89. Set Ticket Time Slot Allocations / Group Tickets

  90. Set Tickets On-Sale For Specific Dates

  91. Set Varying Start Times

  92. Setting Up Your Soda Account: Brand Settings

  93. Setting Up Your Soda Account: Delivery Options

  94. Setting Up Your Soda Account: Finance Settings

  95. Setting Up Your Soda Account: User Permissions

  96. Shortened Ticket Link For Social Media

  97. Soda - Creating a Voucher Offer

  98. Switch Tickets By Type or Date

  99. Sync Marketing Opt-Ins with MailChimp

  100. Taking Ticket Types Off Sale

  101. Ticket Terms and Conditions

  102. Troubleshooting: Clear Site Data

  103. Troubleshooting: How To Clear Browser History/Cache

  104. Troubleshooting: How to take a screenshot of the Console

  105. Troubleshooting: Version of Chrome

  106. Types Of Voucher - Experience and Monetary

  107. Upload Multiple Guests To Attendee List / Mass Upload

  108. User Reviews

  109. View Page Visitor Analytics

  110. View Ticket Sales Report

  111. View/Download Financial Statements

  112. Voucher Creation Settings: DesignMyNight Listing (publish voucher)

  113. Voucher Creation Settings: Images

  114. Voucher Design

  115. Voucher Purchase With Incorrect Email

  116. Why We Charge VAT

  117. Widget Wizard

  118. Zapier Integration

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