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Types Of Voucher - Experience and Monetary

Types of gift voucher: 

There are two types of gift vouchers which can be created in Soda; experience vouchers and monetary vouchers. 

Experience Vouchers 

The customer is purchasing a voucher for an experience such as 'Afternoon Tea'. Experience vouchers have one set price and can be redeemed only once.   

Experiences vouchers can be set up to be redeemed against tickets in the Tonic checkout. To successfully redeem the voucher, the price point of the ticket and voucher need to match exactly. If the voucher value is higher or lower than the ticket price, the voucher will not work. In the case that the customer would like to redeem multiple Soda vouchers against multiple tickets, this should be done in multiple transactions (eg, purchase one ticket with one voucher and then repeat the process). 

Monetary Vouchers 

Rather than being purchased for a specific experience, monetary vouchers allow customers to purchase a £ value which can be redeemed against an event or in the venue. For example; £50 voucher towards food and drink. 

Monetary vouchers can be set up to be purchased in multiple values, eg. £15, £20, £50 and redeemed once or up to value. 

Monetary vouchers can be redeemed in the Tonic checkout against tickets of any value. If the total cost of the ticket is covered by the cost of Soda voucher, the booking fee is automatically removed from the Tonic checkout. If the value of the Soda voucher does not cover the full cost of the ticket, the voucher can still be redeemed against the cost of the tickets, but the booking fee will still be charged. 

Please note that once vouchers have been set as experience or monetary and the redeemable details, these cannot be changed. 

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