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How To Redeem A Voucher In Tonic

Vouchers can be set up to be redeemed against an event on Tonic and will also advertise the voucher by displaying a 'Buy Gift Voucher' button on the event page.  

Follow the steps below to ensure your Voucher is successfully linked to your event: 

1. Click on Vouchers and then Edit Details 
2. Navigate to DesignMyNight Listing
3. Under Events, use the search bar to find your event
4. Select Submit to save the change

Once your Soda voucher has been set up with your event, a customer will be able to redeem their voucher is the checkout by entering their voucher code into the [Discount / Voucher Code] box. 

If the customer has a Soda voucher which is the same price or more than the cost of the ticket, the booking fee is removed from the Tonic checkout. 

Customers can redeem up to five vouchers at a time in the checkout. 

Redeeming a monetary voucher 
The price of the Soda voucher goes towards the price of the Tonic ticket. Depending on the price of the voucher, the customer can redeem it against a ticket which is more expensive, the same price, or a lesser value than the Tonic ticket. If the full price of the ticket isn't covered, the booking fee rate is kept to be paid on checkout. 

Redeeming an experience voucher 
For a customer to successfully redeem an experience voucher against a Tonic ticket, the price in checkout needs to match exactly to the Soda voucher. Eg. a £50 voucher and a £50 ticket. 
- Please note if a customer is purchasing multiple tickets, they will have to do so in seperate transactions.  

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