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Soda - Widget Wizard

Integrating the Soda widget to your website will allow customers to purchase gift vouchers directly from your website rather than being directed back to DesignMyNight to complete their transaction. You can choose to display all of your varying voucher types in one widget, or, broken down to display individually or categorised by their product group. 

Follow these steps to add the Soda widget to your website:
1. Log into your Soda account
2. On the left-hand side of your page click on the Widget Wizard tab
3. Select whether you would like your widget to display in Brand, Product or Single Voucher format
4. Copy the Coding
5. Paste the Coding to your website

Hide the list view when there's only one voucher type to display: if you have one voucher rather than multiple options; this feature will allow you to choose whether to display an expanded or compact version of the widget. 

The design of your Soda widget is fully customisable using CSS styling. Here is our Developers guide which can be passed onto your web developer to help with the customisation:

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