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How To Find Gift Voucher URL

To sell gift vouchers from your website you can either use a widget (recommended option) or the DesignMyNight voucher URL. From the URL, customers can find out all of the information about the voucher. This includes the full description, redemption instructions, terms and conditions and much more.  

To get the voucher URL, the voucher will firstly need to be published to DesignMyNight:

To find the DesignMyNight voucher URL, follow these steps:

1. Go to the Vouchers tab
2. Locate the voucher you would like to find the URL link for and click on the voucher name
3. This will take you to the voucher dashboard. Next to the voucher name select the arrow icon (fourth icon)
4. This will open the DesignMyNight voucher URL in a new window

If you are unable to see a fourth arrow icon then the voucher will not have successfully been published to DesignMyNight

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