Voucher Creation Settings: DesignMyNight Listing

Access the DesignMyNight Listing tab to sync the voucher with your event or venue, and apply settings to make it discoverable within our Gift Voucher guide. 

Follow the steps below to locate the the DesignMyNight Listing tab:

1. Log into your Soda account 
2. Click Vouchers
3. Select a voucher
4. Within the new menu that appears underneath Vouchers, click Edit Details  
5. Click the DesignMyNight Listing tab
6. Use the Events section to sync the voucher to your event
7. Submit

Once your event has been synced, it will appear under the "Buy Tickets" widget on your Tonic event page and under the "Make A Booking" widget on your Collins venue page.


Publish to DesignMyNight.com: Select whether you wish for the voucher to be advertised and visible throughout the site 
Categories: Select relevant categories from the selection - this will affect where the voucher is advertised 
Occasions: Select the relevant occasions for your voucher from the selection 
Regions: Select which regions your voucher will be applicable and available within 

Events: Choose which Tonic event page(s) you wish the voucher to be advertised on 

Venues: Choose which Collins venue page(s) you wish the voucher to be advertised on

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