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How To Redeem A Voucher In Soda

To redeem a voucher in the Soda admin, please follow the below steps:

1. Log in to your Soda account
2. Click on the purple Look Up Vouchers button at the bottom left hand side of the page
3. Search for the voucher you want to redeem by entering one of the below in the search box:
Voucher Code (example: VR-CXNC73C9NYF3ONE)
Purchase Reference (example: VR-1000793416)
Recipient Name
Purchaser Email
Purchaser Name
4. Click into the transaction - if the voucher hasn't yet been redeemed it will be highlighted orange on the left hand side
5. Click the Redeem button. You will be given the option to provide redemption details (eg. details of customer booking) and if the voucher is redeemable up to value, you will also be asked how much of the voucher value you would like to redeem 
6. Select the Redeem Voucher button to save

Note: If a voucher has already been redeemed it will be highlighted purple on the left hand side rather than orange. You will also be able to click into the Redemptions button to view the details of the redemption. If a voucher has been redeemed in Tonic or Collins, it will automatically be redeemed in Soda and this will be noted in the redemption details.

For further information on the redemption of Soda vouchers, please view our guides below:

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