How To Redeem A Voucher In Soda

From the Soda admin, select the 'Lookup Vouchers' tab to validate and redeem a voucher. 

Vouchers can be looked up using any of the following searches: 

Voucher Code
Purchase Reference 
Recipient Name
Purchaser Email 
Purchaser Name

Example purchase reference number: VR-1000793416 
Example voucher code: VR-CXNC73C9NYF3ONE 

When searching for a voucher by the voucher code or purchase reference, do include the "VR-". 

Valid and unused vouchers are highlighted orange and on the right-hand side, you'll be able to see a 'redeem' button. 

Vouchers which have already been redeemed are highlighted purple and on the left-hand side, you'll see a 'redemption' button. Select this button to find out the details of the redemption. 

How To Redeem A Voucher
  • To redeem a used voucher, select the Redeem button
  • Optional, provide Redemption details (eg. details of customer booking)
  • If the voucher is redeemable up to value, you will be asked how much of the voucher value you would like to redeem 
  • If the voucher is linked to Collins venues, you will be asked to select which venue the customer has chosen to redeem their voucher at 
  • Select Redeem Voucher

If a voucher has been redeemed in Tonic or Collins, it will automatically be redeemed in Soda. 

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