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Custom Voucher Template

We have five gift voucher design templates (found via the 'Design' section of the voucher admin) which you can choose between, or if you create your own custom design, we can upload it to your Soda account for you to use. 

If creating your own voucher template, please follow the below design specifications: 
  • Vouchers need to be A4 in size
  • The voucher design file needs to be in HTML format and a single file which includes all HTML and CSS.
  • Please send your account manager any images used in the design
  • Any fonts used need to be available here:
The sections which need to be included in your e-voucher design:
  • Voucher title
  • Message to recipient
  • Recipients Name
  • Voucher code
  • Voucher expiry
  • Voucher value (only applicable to monetary voucher)
  • Key Rules
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Redemption Instructions
Once complete, send your voucher template to your Account Manager. Please note that custom templates can take around two weeks to be integrated with your Soda account. 

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