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Soda - Product Groups

Soda gives you the option to create Product Groups for your vouchers to sit within. Product groups are useful to categorise your vouchers, for example if you have multiple venues under one Soda brand.

To create a new product group:

1. Log into your Soda account
2. Click the Product Groups tab
3. Select the +Add Product Group button in the top left of the page
4. Enter the Product Group details
5. Click the purple Submit button

When you're creating your vouchers, you will have the option to add each voucher to one of your product groups. This will allow you to then click into the product group from the Product Groups page and view the vouchers that are sitting within that group.

The advantages of this feature are that you can break sales reports down by each product group, allowing you to view sales per group rather than for your brand as a whole. You can also set the format of the Widgets to be grouped together by each product group.

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