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Soda - Voucher Purchase With Incorrect Email

In the case that a customer has purchased a voucher with an incorrect recipient email address entered, you are able to amend this yourself in the Soda admin.

1. Log in to your Soda account
2. Scroll down the left hand side of the page and click the purple Lookup Vouchers button
3. Search for the transaction by entering either the voucher code, purchase reference, recipient name, purchaser email or purchaser name into the search box
4. Click into the transaction and select the green Edit button on the right of the transaction
5. In the pop-out that appears, update the Email Address box with the correct recipient email and click the purple Submit Changes button to save
6. Under the Customer heading at the bottom of the transaction, you will see the email address has been updated
7. Finally, click the green Resend button to resend the voucher to the updated email address

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