Voucher Purchase With Incorrect Email

In the case that a customer has purchased a voucher with an incorrect email, there are a couple of options on how to proceed:

1. Our Software Team can update the email address attached to the booking so that the correct email address is listed and the customer can be sent a copy of their voucher through the Soda system. This option does mean that the copy of the voucher sent to the incorrect email address is still valid and could technically be used (the chances are very slim, but could happen).

To action: please contact your Soda Account Manager or our Customer Support Team.

2. The customer can be advised to purchase a new voucher with the correct email address and then the original purchase can be refunded. This will void the originally purchased voucher which was sent to the incorrect email address.

To action: liaise with the customer to purchase a new voucher. Via the 'Transactions' section of Soda, locate the customers' original booking and select the 'Refund' button. The funds will be returned to the customer in 3 - 6 working days. 

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