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DeliverMyNight: Event Set Up

To be a part of our exciting new marketing campaign 'DeliverMyNight' which promotes cool and quirky food/drink delivery options to the DesignMyNight audience, you'll just need to set up your offering on our ticketing software; Tonic

To help make the customers' purchasing journey as easy and seamless as possible, we've put together some handy tips and advice on ways you can set your delivery options up as tickets and collect the relevant information from customers. 

First things first; if you're new to Tonic you can register here, or if you already have an account you can start creating your event here

Getting set up


Depending on your delivery options/method, there are a couple of ways you can add dates to your page:

Multiple dates - if you'd like customers to select a preferred delivery date at the point of purchase you can set the event up as a 'multiple dates' frequency and list all the applicable dates for the customer to choose between.

Date range - to avoid any customer confusion around when they will be receiving their order, another option is to create a 'date-range' frequency which means customers aren't required to select any particular date at the point of purchase. Once their order is confirmed, you can then reach out to the customer to arrange/confirm their delivery date. If going with this option, just remember to set the 'Sell Until' time to X hours 'before the event finishes'. 

For advice on the ideal set up based on how you will be managing orders, check out our user guide here or speak with your dedicated Tonic Account Manager. 

Ticket types 

Your food/drink packages can be listed as ticket types - you can have as many ticket types as you wish, offering customers a range of delivery size and price options. See our guide on adding tickets to your page here for more information. 

Upsell additional products

The Products tool is the perfect way to upsell additional items to customers during the checkout process. For example, you may be offering additional bottles of Prosecco or physical merchandise that can be bundled to your delivery packages. You also have the option to apply additional products to particular ticket types, allowing you to offer targeted choices to customers depending on which delivery they've selected. See our guide on this here for more information. 

Custom Messaging

A crucial factor to consider when creating a successful event page focused on deliveries is to ensure that the process of ordering is made clear to the customer so that they are confident in their decision to purchase and know what the next steps will be. Adding information to the event description which the customer will read before purchasing is a great way to summarise this, and you can also add important details to these key sections: 

Pre-sale message - shown to customer during the checkout process
Confirmation email/e-ticket message - message displayed on the ticket purchase confirmation email and/or e-ticket
Terms and Conditions - add your own terms and conditions which the customer agrees to at the point of purchase

Delivery Address 

Use the Requires attendee's address feature to collect the customers' delivery address during the checkout process. To activate this feature, select the cog button next to each ticket type you would like to collect a delivery address for and set Requires attendee's address to Yes. Via the Attendee's list tab, you can download a report of the customer addresses. 

Data Collection

This tool can be used to collect custom information from customers at the point of purchase (for example, dietary requirements). You can have up to 5 questions and make them required or not. This data can then be easily extracted a in CSV or PDF file via the Attendee's List tab. Here is our user guide on how to set up data collection questions.

Managing Your Bookings

Attendee's List

Use the Attendee's List to easily keep track of purchases for specific days, create custom comments for a guests purchase as well as gathering the Data Collection questions that guests have answered. 

Contacting your customers 

Guest's email addresses are gathered at the point of purchase automatically, which you can extract via the Customer Data section of the event admin to get in touch directly regarding their purchase. Should you wish to deliver mass emails to all bookings, or all bookings for a specific date, you can easily action this via the Email Attendees tool - see our guide on this here.

You can also gather guest's contact number at the point of purchase - see our guide on setting this up here.

Booking notes

As well as collecting required information for the deliveries via the Data Collection tool, you can also add custom comments to bookings using the Attendees List section of the event admin, which will be useful for including other important information regarding individual purchases, such as special requirements or delivery instructions. See how to add comments to Attendees List here.

To use as inspiration, here are some examples of venues/companies already selling their deliveries through Tonic:

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