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Soda - Viewing Your Vouchers

The Voucher tab within the Soda admin allows you to view all vouchers that have been created under your brand.

Vouchers are organised under three headings depending on their status:

On Sale: Vouchers that appear here are live and on sale. They can be viewed and purchased through DesignMyNight and will appear on the voucher widget.

Live But Not On Sale: Vouchers that appear here are live but not yet on sale. Once they are set to come on sale, they will move to under the On Sale heading.

Hidden: Vouchers that appear here are not on sale and are hidden from DesignMyNight and the voucher widget.

Note: You can choose to view vouchers on this page by specific Product Group. This can be set by using the white drop-down box at the top of the page. Once you select a Product Group, the vouchers will continue to be organised under the different headings depending on their status, but only vouchers attached to that specific Product Group will now be visible.

To update the status of your voucher, follow the below steps:

1. In the Vouchers tab, select the voucher that you want to edit
2. From the Voucher drop-down list on the left hand side, click into the Edit Details tab
3. Under the Voucher Settings heading, next to the Status option, select either Live or Hidden
4. Click the purple Submit button at the bottom of the page

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