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Soda - Edit Voucher Details

Once a voucher has been created in the Soda admin, you are able to go back to it at any time to access and edit certain details.

1. Log in to your Soda account
2. Click the Voucher tab
3. Select the voucher you want to edit
4. From the Voucher drop-down list on the left hand side, click into the Edit Details tab

Use the different headings on this page to view and edit the details that were used to create the voucher:

Voucher Settings: General voucher settings, including the status of the voucher
Images: The images that appears on the voucher purchase confirmation email and within the voucher widget
Email Addresses: The contact email to be shown on confirmation emails and the email to receive voucher sales notifications
DesignMyNight Listing: The DesignMyNight events, event brand pages and venue pages that the voucher is linked to, and whether the voucher is published to the DesignMyNight voucher guide

Note: There are certain details that cannot be changed once a voucher has been created. These include: the type of voucher eg. whether it is experience or monetary, the redemption method of the voucher (this applies to monetary vouchers only) and the option to make the voucher an offer. These details are set once the voucher is first saved. 

For further information on the different types of vouchers you can create in Soda, please see our guide here.

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