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Soda - Sales Report

The Sales Report tab within the Soda admin provides a breakdown of voucher sales, revenue, redemptions and expirations.

1. Log in to your Soda account
2. Click into the Sales Report tab
3. Use the drop-down calendar tool to select the time period for the data to display

The two headings on this page allow you to view the data in two ways:

Products: view the data broken-down by product group
Vouchers: view the data broken-down by individual voucher

As well as viewing the data in the Soda admin, you can also download a PDF file detailing this information. The data in this file will be in the same format as it is in the Soda admin.

1. Use the drop-down calendar tool to select the date range for the data to download
2. Select the heading that you wish to download the data for, either Products or Vouchers 
3. Click the PDF button in the top right corner of the page and the file will be generated

Note: The net revenue figures on these pages are the totals before the DMN commission charge is deducted. The net revenue does not include the value of any ticket/booking purchase exchange vouchers, free issued voucher or offline issued vouchers. Revoked and refunded voucher transactions do not show in the sales report breakdown.

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