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Setting Up Your Soda Account: Notifications

When setting up your Soda account, you can input emails to receive different notifications.

1. Log in to your Soda account
2. Click the cog icon on the left hand side of the page next to your brand name

By default you will be brought to the page under the Settings heading. It is here that you can add an email address, or multiple email addresses, to receive notifications. The notification options are:

Finance Email: the email addresses in here will receive financial reports and payment notifications.
Voucher Notifications: the email addresses in here will receive a notification each time a voucher is sold.

If you would like to add multiple email addresses to receive the above notifications, then these should be separated in the box with commas.

The above notification settings will apply at brand level, meaning that by default they will apply to each voucher added to your Soda account. If you would like individual voucher notifications to be sent to different email addresses then you are able to set this at specific voucher level.

1. Log in to your Soda account
2. Click into the Vouchers tab
3. Select the voucher that you would like to set-up the email notifications for
4. From the Voucher drop-down list on the left hand side, click into the Edit Details tab
5. Click across to the Email Addresses heading on this page

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