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Soda: How to Set Up VAT / VAT Receipts

Adding a VAT number and Company name to your Soda vouchers will detail the VAT paid on the customers confirmation email, allowing the purchase email confirmation to be used as a valid VAT receipt.

Follow the steps below to successfully add the VAT details to your voucher:

  1. Click the settings cog located next to your Soda brand name.
  2. Click the Finance tab.
  3. Add your VAT number and click Save.
  4. Click the Vouchers tab on your Soda Admin.
  5. Select a voucher. 
  6. Click Edit Details.
  7. Scroll down to Display VAT.
  8. Select Yes.
  9. Save Changes.

In the case that there was already purchases made before setting up this feature, you can re-send a customer a copy of their confirmation email with the updated information by following the below steps:

  1. Within your Soda Admin, scroll down to Transactions:
  2. Click on the transaction you would like to resend the voucher to.
  3. Click Resend.

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