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Ticket Scanning App

Tonic Scanner Guide

The Tonic scanner app can be downloaded for free from the Apple Store onto an Apple device (not currently compatible with Android devices). You can log in using your admin login details, or using single-use codes which can be generated from the Settings > Scanner section of your event admin. 

The app allows you to scan attendees into your event. It also shows an overview of check-in information including devices and statistics.

The scanner app has the following screens:


The dashboard allows you to change the event and the event date. This can only be done in “Unrestricted Mode”.  

Changing Event

Dashboard > Event and date > Event (change)

Changing Date

Dashboard > Event and date > Date (change)

Note: The app will only display event dates within a 30 day period. 

Check in Devices

This section allows you to view which devices are signed in and how many tickets they have scanned. To be able to differentiate the devices you can change the name of each device by going to More > Settings > Name.

When check-in information is available, the dashboard page will also display statistics. This includes the number of tickets scanned on each hour, the totals (total, total scanned, total remaining and total on this device), as well as the number of unsynced ticket check-ins.


The attendees list displays information about all the tickets for the event.  

This screen can also check-in tickets by swiping the ticket. If remote verification isn’t enabled this will be verified straight away.

To view the details of a ticket tap the row. The Ticket Details screen allows you to check in or check out a ticket (if checked in), print a ticket (for iOS this requires a printer that supports AirPrint), view other tickets in the purchase. Checking out a ticket requires an internet connection.


The scan screen allows you to scan in tickets. The first time you access this screen a quick tutorial is displayed. This can be displayed again by going to More > Help > Show ticket scanner.  The torch can be toggled on and off, ticket scanned and details displayed. In order to view the Ticket Details tap on the result at the bottom.

The ticket result will either be displayed green on red depending on the result and a message displayed with information regarding the scanned ticket.  


The more section has settings and general information regarding the app. This screen allows the device name to be changed, remote verification to be enabled/disabled, restricted mode to be enabled/disabled and the device to be reset. Resetting the device will change the device name, log the user out and remove any unsynced check-in information. A help section also allows immediate help for the user.  


By default the device does not require an internet connection beyond the initial sync. However, in order to keep the remote admin updated the handset will sync data every 20 seconds. This means that it’s possible to scan the same ticket on two devices within 20 seconds but not the same ticket on the same device.  

Guaranteeing the status of a ticket

In order to be 100% sure that the ticket has not been checked in on any other device Remote Verification can be enabled on all devices, however, this is not recommended as it requires a good internet connection in order to be fast. To enable this go to More > Scanner > Remote Verification.


Restricted Mode

Disables the ability to change settings (requires account holder password to enable)

Unrestricted Mode

Allows the ability to change settings (requires account holder password to disable)


A sync happens every 20 seconds by default. This can be changed in More > Settings >  Sync.  Every time a sync happens checked-in tickets are updated on the remote server.  Any modified tickets on other devices that have been synced back to the server will also be updated on the current scanner.

Unsynced Ticket

When Remote Verification is not enabled a ticket is checked-in on the scanner only.  The ticket will only appear checked in on the remote server when a sync occurs  (see Sync for details)

Remote Server

This is the term used for the Tonic Ticket Admin hosted at

Dark Mode

Makes the interface a darker colour for low lit environments

Validate Only Mode

Checks the validity of tickets without scanning them in


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