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Add Guest Booking or Issue Complimentary Ticket

You can issue complimentary tickets for your event (competition winners, exclusive members offer or a good will gesture for example) which will automatically email the customer their E-ticket and update the remaining allocation accordingly. 

Follow the steps below to successfully add a guest to your event:  

1. Click Manage on your Event
2. Navigate to Attendees List 
3. Click the drop down menu at the top of the page to go to the desired date
4. Select Add to List
5. Fill out guest information (name, email, number, comments)
6. Click Add Guest to successfully complete

By entering the customers' email address, it will send them the complimentary e-ticket. If you do not wish for them to receive a copy, leave the field blank, or add a generic email address.

The comments section is for internal notes only. Comments will display on the attendee list download and customer data spreadsheet.

Note: When adding a guest booking the system will notify you of how many tickets are remaining, however it will allow you to over-allocate. If in the case you want the allocation to remain the same, you will need to re-add a ticket via the 'Manage Sales' section of the admin.

Removing a Guest From the Attendees List:

Removing guest bookings is done within the Customer Data tab of the admin. Once you have found their name in the transactions list, click on it and press Cancel Tickets. This will also refund the guest if the ticket was purchased.

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