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Sales Tracking Codes

Generate sales tracking links to view the number of sales made through unique URLs, along with the value of tickets sold.

The sales tracking tool uses cookies to track customers' activity and will track their journey up to 24 hours after the customer originally accessed the booking URL. 

Follow the steps below to successfully set up tracking codes for your event: 

1. Click Manage on your Event 
2. Select Sales Tracking 
3. Enter a Add New Tracking Link name 
4. View Unique Tracking Codes section to get link and see sales/value data

All data is stored within the Sales Tracking tab of your admin, where you can view all previously set up tracking codes. 

When the unique tracking codes have been created, there will be the option to set up sales tracking on your widget - Click Add To Widget to bring you to the Widget Wizard which will automatically update to add sales tracking to the widget code. This new widget code must be updated onto your website. 

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