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Setting Up Your Soda Account: Brand Settings

The brand section of the Soda Platform allows you to apply overall settings to your Soda account. Follow the steps below to ensure all relevant brand information has been added before you start selling vouchers. 

1. Log into your Soda account (
2. On the left-hand side of your page click on the small grey cog next to your brand name.

The brand section has four stages:

Settings: update brand name, control voucher notifications and set widget tag categories
Delivery Options: add a postal delivery option to checkout
Finance: Set account bank details and VAT number
Users: Control event user permissions

The first section you are taken to when accessing your brand is the Settings tab. See below for a breakdown of the features:

Title: The name of your brand/ venue
Contact Email: Email for customers to contact you on. This email address will be present at the checkout as well as on the confirmation email sent to the purchaser also to the recipient
Finance Email: Email to receive daily sales reports, payment notifications, a monthly
summary of redemptions and the end of month invoice
Voucher Notifications: Email to receive a notification every time a voucher is purchased
Publish Vouchers to Enable/ disable automatically publishing the vouchers created to DesignMyNight once created
Tag Groups: Add tags to group your vouchers into categories in the Soda widget. For example, a tag group could be by venue or region. When creating your voucher, add the voucher to a category via the DesignMyNight Listing section of the set up.  

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