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Setting Up Your Soda Account: Delivery Options

By default, vouchers are issued to customers in PDF e-voucher format. By using the delivery tool, you can add an additional postal delivery option to the checkout and set a custom postal fee for the customer to pay at the point of purchase. 

1. Log into your Soda account
2. On the left-hand side of your page click on the small grey cog next to your brand name
3. Click on the Delivery Options tab
4. Compete Delivery field (provide a description of the method of delivery, eg. 1st class)
5. Complete Fee field (amount will be added to customers transaction total)
6. Click Add Delivery Option
7. Click Save 

Note: When adding additional delivery options, you will need to arrange the delivery of the voucher. 

If a customer decides to use the postal option, the delivery information can be found within the 'Transactions' tab of your Soda admin. Purchases made with a postal option will have a small envelope next to the transaction and by clicking on the booking, you can find the delivery name and address and mark the order as dispatched once the voucher has been sent. 

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