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Issue a Voucher

The Issue Vouchers function allows you to issue free vouchers to customers. When issuing a free voucher, no money is being taken through the Soda system, but the customer is sent a valid voucher which can be used in the same way as a paid-for voucher. You will not be charged any commission on free vouchers. 

There are three types of free vouchers that you can issue:

Free Voucher: Customer is being issued a complimentary voucher
Offline Voucher: The voucher has been paid for through another source (in the venue itself, for example) 
Ticket/Booking Purchase Exchange: Customer is being offered a voucher in exchange for their E-ticket or Booking 

Follow the steps below to successfully issue a voucher in Soda: 

1. Log into your Soda account
2. Click Vouchers
3. Select the voucher you wish to issue
4. A new set of tabs will have appeared in the left-hand list, select Issue Vouchers 
5. Choose Payment type from the drop-down menu (free voucher/offline voucher)
6. Enter Venue/Event information, or name of the person who purchased the voucher in venue, in the Purchaser name and Purchaser Email fields
7. Enter Recipient name and select whether the voucher should be emailed to them 
8. Leave a message to appear on the recipients PDF e-voucher within the Voucher message field
9. Select the Voucher Value - this will pull values applied within Voucher Settings 
10. Issue Vouchers

Once issued, the voucher will appear within the Transactions tab and will detail the selected payment type (Free or Offline Payment) and voucher value. 

For further assistance with Issuing a voucher in exchange for E-Ticket/Booking, see our guide here.

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