Issue A Voucher In Exchange For E-Ticket/Booking

To help ensure customers are aware of the term and conditions related to accepting a gift voucher in exchange for their original ticket or booking purchase, we have implemented a new option within the Issue A Voucher tool. Upon issuing the customer with a voucher using the 'Ticket/Booking Purchase Exchange' option, guests will be sent an email outlining the terms and conditions and asking them to either confirm or reject the voucher exchange. 

Follow the steps below to successfully offer a voucher as an E-ticket/Booking exchange: 

1. Log into your Soda account
2. Click Vouchers
3. Select the voucher you wish to issue
4. A new set of tabs will have appeared in the left-hand list, select Issue Vouchers 
5. From the Payment Type dropdown menu, select Ticket/Booking Purchase Exchange
6. Enter the number of vouchers to issue within the Number of vouchers to issue box
7. Enter Recipient name and Email address
8. Leave a message to appear on the recipients PDF e-voucher within the Voucher message field
9. Select the Voucher Value - this will pull values applied within Voucher Settings
10. Issue Vouchers

Once issued, the customer will receive the following email, detailing the voucher value that is being offered, along with the refund terms and conditions associated with accepting the voucher:

Where they will when be directed to the following page upon selecting the "click here" link: 

Should a customer choose to accept the voucher, they will automatically be emailed their e-voucher shortly afterwards. 

Should a customer choose to reject the voucher as an exchange for their ticket, they will be encouraged to get in touch with our Support Team who will put the customer in touch with you to arrange an alternative.

Keep track of the status of your voucher exchanges via the Transactions section of the Voucher admin. Here you can see which guests have accepted, rejected or are still yet to respond to the exchange offer: 

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