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Voucher Design

Once you have completed the voucher creation form, you can customise the design of your PDF e-voucher. You can choose between five design templates, add your logo and customise the font and colour of the text on the e-voucher. 

Follow these steps to access the Voucher Design section: 

1. Log into your Soda account
2. Click Vouchers
3. Select the voucher you wish to customise 
4. Select Design within the menu that appears under Vouchers
5. Choose from 5 preset Template designs and preview on the right hand side 
6. Add your Logo to appear at the top of the voucher
7. Customise the font and colour of the Title, Message to the recipient, Summary T&Cs, Voucher details, Redemption instructions and Terms and Conditions 
8. Save

You can download an example PDF to preview how the voucher will appear to recipients upon purchase to make sure you are happy with the design. The voucher will be available for them to download via a PDF attachment upon receiving the email after purchase. 

To find out more about uploading your own custom template, check out our guide on this process here.

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