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How To Set Up Automated Emailing

As well as contacting attendees directly, you can set up an email to automatically be sent to ticket holders up to 72 hours before each event date. This is useful for sending out important reminders or relevant information about the event. 

Follow the steps below to successfully set up an automated email: 

1. Click Manage on your Event
2. Select Email Attendees
3. Select Automated Emailing from the To drop-down menu
4. Choose which Ticket Types the email should be sent to
5. Set how many hours before the event date it should send
6. Compose your email via the section on the right hand side 
7. Send Email 

Once set up, you can view which emails are due to be sent out by clicking the Automatic Emailing tab across the top of the page, along with viewing the content of the email.

View a breakdown of previously sent, queued and scheduled emails via the Emails Sent tab, where you can also view the contents of each one. 

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