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Soda - View Sales Summary

The Sales Summary tab within the Soda admin provides a breakdown of voucher sales in both numerical and graphical form.

1. Log in to your Soda account
2. Click into the Sales Summary tab

The top part of this page displays a numerical summary of sales, broken down by transaction type: online, offline or free. The data here includes voucher quantities, values, redemptions, expirations and revenue.

The numerical data displayed can be filtered using the calendar tool in the top right of the page. Selecting this will allow you to determine the specific dates or time period for the data to display.

The bottom part of this page displays a graphical summary of sales, broken down by net revenue and quantity sold. The data displayed here is set by the initial date range chosen using the calendar tool at the top of the page. You then have the option using the buttons above the graph to view the data broken down further by either day, week, month or quarter within that chosen time frame.

Note: The net revenue figure for online transactions is the total before the DMN commission charge is deducted. Ticket/booking purchase exchange voucher transactions, revoked voucher transactions and refunded voucher transactions do not show in the sales summary breakdown.

If you wish to download sales data from Soda, this can be done within the Sales Report tab of your Soda admin. For further details on this, please refer to our guide here.

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