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Access Collins: Soda and Collins integration process

For information on redeeming a voucher through the Collins platform directly, follow our guide on this here.

Follow the steps below to successfully allow guests to input their Soda gift voucher code when making a booking through your Collins widget: 

1. Click Settings
2. Click Organisation
3. Click Custom fields(beta) on the left side panel
4. Click +Add custom field. This will open up a new menu, where you will have the option to create a new Label which can have different types of input for the user
5. Input the label name, select Text (Provides the user with a field for free-text input) 

6. Click Add
7. Click Apply on sites to select the sites needed for this custom field 
8. Click Apply to venues
9. Save
10. The booking widget will now show the custom field created in previous step

Once in place, you will be able to see the voucher code provided by the guest within the DMN booking page:

For steps on how to redeem a voucher through Soda directly, see our guide on this here.

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