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Getting set up on Soda: Australia

If it's your Organisation's first time using Soda, you'll need to complete these key steps before you can successfully start selling gift vouchers in Australia: 

  • Set the account currency to AUD
  • Set up a Stripe Connect account (Soda has partnered with Stripe to process payments and issue payouts for voucher sales)

Once these steps have been taken, you will not need to repeat the process again unless you wish to use a separate bank account per venue in your organisation (this will require a separate Soda account and Stripe Connect account per venue). 

Creating an account on Soda

Collins users - when you click the Soda button on the DesignMyNight admin screen, a Soda account will automatically be created for your venue group, which all users in your venue group will have access to.

Tonic and/or Soda only users - the Soda team will need to set you up with an account on Soda. if you're not already in touch with a team member about this, please reach out to us on

Set the Account Currency 
  • Once you are logged into Soda, select the small cog button next to the account name.
  • If not already filled out, fill in the Contact email and Finance email.
  • In the Currency section, set the Currency Country to Australia. 
  • The default timezone for the Australia region is Sydney Time, you can change this later in the Product Group settings.
  • Select Save Brand. 

 Create a Stripe Connect Account 
  • After completing the above steps, reselect the small cog button next to the account name.
  • Go to the Finance tab.
  • Select the Account Setup button.
  • Complete the Stripe Connect set-up steps (your progress will be saved as you go).
  • Once your account has been set up, it will show in the 'Account Payout' section. 
Voucher funds (minus the Soda commission) will be paid into your bank account two days after purchase. If issuing a refund through Soda, the amount will be debited from your Stripe Connect account. 

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