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How To Create a Gift Voucher / Voucher Settings

Using Soda, you can create various Gift Vouchers for your brand as another means to generate revenue. Once you've accessed your Soda account, the next step will be to create your gift voucher. Click Add Voucher at the top left of your Soda Admin to begin creating your voucher.

The gift voucher setup form has four stages: 

Voucher settings: General voucher settings
Images: Add images to appear on the voucher purchase confirmation email and within the voucher widget 
Email Addresses: Add a contact email to be shown on confirmation emails and set up an email to receive voucher sales notifications. These settings will override settings that are applied at brand level
DesignMyNight Listing: Publish voucher to DesignMyNight voucher guide and link the voucher to your DesignMyNight events, event brand pages and venue pages

The first section you are taken to when creating your voucher is the Voucher Settings tab. See below for a breakdown of the various features:

Product Group: Assign the voucher to a previously created product group, or add a new one
Title: Give your voucher a name
Status: If you are not quite ready for the voucher to go live, then set it to Hidden, otherwise select Live. You can change this at anytime
Summary Description: A short and snappy description of the voucher, to appear in the voucher booking widget
Full Description: Provide detailed description of event/venue to help up-sell the voucher to customers
Type of Voucher: Select whether the voucher is an Experience voucher or a Monetary voucher. Please note this cannot be changed after the voucher has been created
Display VAT: Choose to display the VAT/GST on the voucher confirmation and checkout
On Sale From: Set a date for the voucher to be available for purchase
On Sale Until: If you wish the voucher to only be available for a limited time, then choose a On Sale Until date
Quantity Available: Set a maximum number of vouchers available for sale. Leave empty to have no limit on the number of vouchers sold
Valid From: Select whether the voucher is valid from date of purchase or from a specific date
Valid Until: Select whether the voucher is valid for a certain time from the date of purchase or a specific date
Key Rules: Summarise any key rules of use within 100 characters, this will be displayed on the e-voucher 
Terms and Conditions: Add more information to the Terms and Conditions if required. These will appear in small print on the voucher issued to the gift recipient
Redemption Instructions: Detail in clear instructions how guests can redeem their voucher. These will appear on the gift voucher received by the recipient

To learn more about adding images to your voucher, see Voucher Creation Settings: Images
To learn more about adding your voucher to an event page or venue, see Voucher Creation Settings: DesignMyNight Listing

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