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Soda - Creating a Voucher Offer

You can now sell a voucher at a reduced price to the actual, redeemable value to create a Voucher offer. For example, vouchers such as 'Double your value - spend £50, get £100' or '50% off - spend £25 get £50'. A new voucher is required for this option to be available. 

Follow the steps below to successfully create a Voucher Offer: 

1. Log into your Soda Admin
2. On the left-hand side menu, click Add Voucher
3. Scroll down to Voucher Offer? 
4. Click Yes  
5. Set the Sale Price and Voucher Value 
6. Complete Voucher form and Submit 

The Sale Price is the value that the customer will pay to purchase the voucher, with the Voucher Value being the total amount that customers will be able to redeem against a ticket purchase or booking. 

Once submitted, the voucher page will display the sale price along with the total value of the voucher that guests will be able to redeem once purchased: 

Note: Once a voucher is submitted with the Voucher Offer setting applied, this cannot be amended at a later date. 

For further information on creating a voucher, see our guide on this here.

For information on how to sync your vouchers to your event pages/venues, see our guide on this here

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