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How To Log In

To be able to log in you will firstly need to create a DMN account which can be done here

Admin functions can then be accessed here, or by clicking on your username in the top right hand corner of the DMN main website page and selecting Access Admin from the drop down menu. 

Once here, click the Tonic button to take you to your main DMN/Tonic event admin hub.

Black Banner Options:

Your Events: View all of your current, pending and past events
All Transactions: View and download all transactions from your events
Finance: View and download your financial statements
Users: Add/remove users to your events
User Guide: Tonic help guide 
Create Event: Set up new event page

Admin Hub:

Events: Current events which have been approved via the content team
Pending Approval: Submitted events, waiting to be checked over by the content team
Past Events: Events that have taken place

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