Duplicate / Copy Event Page

In the case that you would prefer to carry the information from one event page over to another instead of having to create a new event page, you are able to duplicate an existing page and then change the necessary info.

Please note, to successfully duplicate an event you must change either the name of the event page or the venue. If not, the event will not register with a unique URL. 

- log into your event admin page admin.designmynight.com/events 
- find the event you want to duplicate under either CURRENT/ PENDING / PAST EVENTS 
- click the COPY EVENT option on the event task-bar 


- Log into your admin admin.designmynight.com/events 
- click onto the dashboard of the event you want to duplicate 
- click the NEW EVENT button in the top right hand corner
- from the drop down menu select COPY CURRENT EVENT

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