How To Add A User To Your Event

This function allows you to give multiple users access to your event admin. By granting them this permission, the user will have full access to view/ edit the event. 

Please note, To add a new user to the event admin, they will need to set up a full DMN account:

- Log into your Event Admin page
- Click the USERS tab located in the task bar along the top of the admin page
- Select the event you wish you add a new admin user to on the left hand side under EVENTS
- Under the ADD USER section, enter their email address and full name and click ADD
- The email address will automatically be sent a notification that the add has been successful
- You will automatically see their details appear in the USER section 

Copy User Permissions - copies the users permissions and applies them to another of your events
Manage Event - allows user to view and edit event page 
Manage Permissions - allows user to control event user permissions 

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