Add New Event Dates

- Log into event admin
- click MANAGE on the event you would like to edit 
- once on the Dashboard, click EDIT LISTING AND TICKETS
- on the EVENT DETAILS tab scroll down to EVENT DATE
- select how often your event runs (Single, weekly, monthly, multiple dates, date range)
- select event date/s from calendar 

Single - singular event occurrence
Weekly - once a week, on the same day 
Monthly - once a month, on the same date
Multiple Dates - miscellaneous dates  (select '+add range of dates' underneath the calendar to bulk book dates or quickly select various days of the week)
Date Range - one ticket applies to a number of dates (for example: musical festival, gift voucher)

PLEASE NOTE you can only add new tickets in line with the format you originally chose when setting up event; Single Date, Weekly, Monthly, Multiple Dates or Date Range. If you would like to change the event date format please contact your Account Manager. 

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