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Add New Event Dates

Add new event dates to an existing event page. 

1. Click Manage on your Event
2. Select Edit Listing &Tickets
3. While in Event Details tab, scroll down to Event Date
4. Select how often your event runs (Single, Weekly, Monthly, Multiple Dates, Date Range)
5. Select event date(s) from calendar 
6. Save Changes

Event Regularity Options:

Single - Singular event occurrence
Weekly - Once a week, on the same day 
Monthly - Once a month, on the same date
Multiple Dates - Miscellaneous dates  (select '+add range of dates' underneath the calendar to bulk book dates or quickly select various days of the week)
Date Range - One ticket applies to a number of dates (for example: musical festival, gift voucher)

Note: If tickets have already been purchased, then you can only add new tickets in line with the format you originally chose when setting up event; Single Date, Weekly, Monthly, Multiple Dates or Date Range. If you would like to change the event date format please contact your Account Manager. 

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