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Add Ticket Types

One of the most important steps when setting up your event is successfully adding tickets. As well as setting them up during the event creation process, you can also add more tickets once the event has been submitted. 

Follow the steps below to add tickets to your event: 

1. Click Manage on your Event 
2. Select Edit Listing & Tickets
3. Click the Ticketing tab 
4. Click Sell Tickets 
5. Fill out ticket information (ticket name, description, quantity, price and time) 
6. Save Changes

Note: Once a ticket type has been saved, the allocation cannot be updated via the ticket type section of the admin. To update the ticket quantity, go the the Manage Sales section of the event admin and select Edit Allocation  

The settings of individual ticket types can be adjusted by clicking the Blue Cog button to the right of the ticket type. Here you are able to update the following: 

- Bundle Tickets: When one ticket should only be available to purchase if another type has already been purchased
- On Sale From: Set if tickets are to automatically come on sale at a specific time 
- On Sale Until: Set if tickets are to automatically come off sale at a specific time 
- Min/Max per purchase: Minimum and/or maximum number of tickets which can be purchased per transaction
- Fixed Quantities: Input a set of numbers which will fix the quantity for customers adding tickets to their checkout (for example: 2,4,6,8 and so on if tickets can only be purchased in pairs) 
- Applicable dates: Limit this ticket to certain event dates eg. range of dates, specific dates
- Booking Fee Split: Use the slider to absorb some, or all, of the booking fee 

You can adjust the order of the ticket types on the customer facing page by using the up and down arrows.


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