Set Tickets On-Sale For Specific Dates

If your event is running throughout a time period but not all of ticket types should be available across all dates, then you are able to use the Applicable Dates function to customise when certain tickets are on-sale. 

Follow the steps below to successfully apply tickets to custom dates:

1. Click Manage on your Event
2. Select Edit Listing & Tickets
3. Click the Ticketing tab
4. Click the blue cog button located to the right of each ticket type 
5. Scroll down and select the Applicable Dates drop down menu 
6. Choose the appropriate setting for your event (see descriptions below)
7. Save Changes

Applicable Dates settings: 

All Dates: This ticket type will be available across all event dates
Range of Dates: 
Tickets will be on-sale on every date selected between the date range and on the event calendar found within the Event Details tab 
Certain Weekdays: 
Tickets will be on sale on this specific day of the week 
Specific Dates: Select specific dates the ticket should be on-sale

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