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Add Message To Ticket or Confirmation Email

If there is any information you need to highlight to the customer once they have purchased a ticket, then you can add a message to the ticket purchase confirmation email and/or on the PDF e-ticket. The purchase confirmation email message can be applied at either event or ticket level. 

Follow the steps below to add custom messages on an event level: 

1. Click Manage on your Event  
2. Select Edit Listing and Tickets 
3. Navigate to the Ticketing tab 
4. Scroll down to Advanced Settings
5. Input your message into either or both of the Add Message To Ticket and Add Message to Purchase Confirmation sections
6. Save Changes

Follow the steps below to successfully put this in place for individual ticket types:

1. Log into your Tonic admin
2. Select Edit Listing & Tickets
3. Click the Ticketing tab
4. Click the blue cog button located to the right of the ticket type
5. Scroll down to Confirmation message
6. Enter in your custom message 
7. Save Changes 

Note: This will overwrite the event's confirmation email message if you have set one.

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