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View Ticket Sales Report

The Reports section of the admin provides a comprehensive daily, monthly overall breakdown of ticket sales and revenue by event date. 

Follow the steps below to access the Sales Reports 

1. Click Manage on your Event
2. Select Reports
3. Use the drop down calendar above the graph to select event date  
4. Use the 'Monthly' arrows to the left of the graph to view ticket sales by month
5. View breakdown of ticket/product sales underneath graph 

The Ticket Breakdown section will display various details including the amount of tickets available for the event in total and how many have sold, the quantity of tickets that were discounted or purchased through a promotion, sales that any reps have made, total revenue and more. 

If you have any additional products available for the event, these will appear underneath the Ticket Breakdown information within their own section, as well as any ticket groups you may have set up; allowing you to easily see which time slots were the most popular, for example. 

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