View / Download Attendee List

Downloading the guest list is a useful way of checking in your guests the day of your event. The list is downloaded straight to your desktop and is broken down by 'ticket type' and then 'customer info'. To help you check in guests quickly and in a manner that suits you, the customer info can be ordered by Surname (A - Z), Surname (Z -A), Ticket Type, Name (A - Z) or Name (Z - A). 

On the attendee list, you are provided with the customers details (name, email, phone number), ticket reference, ticket type, end of card number and purchase date. 

- log into
event admin
- click MANAGE and scroll down to the ATTENDEES LIST tab on the dashboard
- down the middle of the page their is a full list attendees by event date
- you can change the date using the 'occurrence' drop down menu 
- using the 'order by' button you can choose to list attendees in a particular order, eg. ticket type, name. 
- to download the list click the DOWNLOAD LIST button in the options box

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