Download Attendee List

Downloading the guest list is a useful way of checking in your guests the day of your event. The list is downloaded straight to your desktop and is broken down by customer name, ticket reference, ticket type and ticket times. 

To help you check in guests quickly and in a manner that suits you, the attendee list can be ordered by surname, name, start time, ticket type and purchase reference. 

If you have set up any additional products for purchase or data collection questions, the results will display on the attendee list. 

The attendee list can be downloaded in PDF (default) or CSV format. 

- log into
event admin
- click MANAGE and scroll down to the ATTENDEES LIST tab on the dashboard
- select event date (if multiple date event)
- order attendee list (optional)
- select the arrow button next to Download and select PDF or CSV
- click Download

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