Add Widget To Website

Adding the widget coding to your website will allow customers to purchase tickets via your website rather than DesignMyNight. 

Follow the steps below to successfully add a widget onto your site:

1. Click Manage on your Event  
2. Select Widget Wizard
3. Customise the appearance of the widget in section 2 
4. Copy HTML code from section 3 and paste into your website 

Widget Customisation Options:

Colour Theme - To suit the background colour of your website, you can change the text to either light or dark  
Show or hide ticket descriptions - Choose whether to display the ticket description or display the name only 
Display the Widget in Page or via a Button - Either a button stating 'buy now' can be initially visible to the customer or the widget itself
Show Join Wait List button on sold-out dates - Select the option for customers to add their email to the waiting list directly from the widget 
How Should The Checkout Open? - Choose whether the widget should open as a modal, full screen or in a new tab

The best way of figuring out what widget customisation will work for your website is by trying out each of the functions and viewing the appearance of them on the right-hand side of the page. 

For more customisation options and instructions on how to integrate the widget coding with specific website creators, check out our guide here.  

Note: Each time the widget is edited the code changes and therefore the new code needs to be copied and applied to your website. 

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