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Edit A Transaction (Change the Date or Time)

Purchases can be switched by ticket type, product type or event date, regardless of the price difference.

Follow the steps below to successfully edit a customer's transaction:

1. Click Manage on your Event
2. Select Transactions
3. Search for customers booking by email or purchase reference number and select their booking
4. Click Edit Transaction

Changing Booking Date:

1. Select the drop-down date menu under the Change Date heading
2. Select new event date from the calendar
3. Save Changes 

Changing Ticket Type:

1. Select the drop-down menu under the Tickets heading
2. Select a new ticket type
3. Save Changes 

Changing Product type: 

1. Select the drop-down menu under the Products heading
2. Select a new product type
3. Save Changes 

Once the booking has been switched and the 'Edit Transaction' window has closed, click the 'Resend Tickets' button to issue updated tickets to the customer. 

The ticket and product allocations will automatically update when moved. 

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