Contact / Email Attendees

Email a specific event date attendee list, all guests, future guests or previous guests.

The customers then get notified to reply to the email address specified in the Reply To box - this can be changed by entering in a different email address. 

Follow the steps below to successfully email guests about your event: 

1. Click Manage on your Event  
2. Select Email Attendees
3. In the ‘To’ field select a guest list to contact
4. Enter email subject and message
5. Tick to receive a copy of the email
6. Send Email 

Email Guest Options: 

Specific Guest List: Pick a specific event date attendee list and certain ticket types only 
All Future Guests:  All customers with tickets to your upcoming event   
Automated Emailing: Schedule an email to be sent to attendees up to 72 hours before the event takes place. When selecting this option, a box will appear that will allow you to specify how many hours before each event date the email sends, with the recipient list being attendees for that event date.

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