How To Accept Reps / Become A Rep

Set your event page up to accept Reps who can help boost ticket sales in return for a commission percentage of the ticket price

Follow the steps below to successfully set up the Rep functionality for your event:

1. Click Manage on your Event
2. Select Reps
3. Enter Rep Commission Rates for each ticket type
4. Accept Reps

Once the steps above have been completed, Reps will be able to request to sell tickets to your event from the customer facing page. To view pending and approve Rep requests, return to the Reps section of your admin and view Registered Reps.

For each accepted Rep, in this section you are able to view their individual Rep code, the total tickets they have sold to the event and the total commission they have earned.

Those who want to become a Rep for your event firstly need to set up a full DMN account, this can be done via 
Once fully set up, the Reps will then need to go to the event page and, under the purple ticket widget, click the Rep This Event button. Once you have confirmed their request, they will be sent an email with their unique rep URL. 

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