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Add Pre-Sale Codes

Upload email addresses to the system to send out ticket purchase links before the event has gone on general sale. Pre-sale links allow event organisers to limit the number of tickets each customer can purchase. 

Follow the steps below to successfully set up the Pre-Sale functionality: 

1. Click Manage on your Event  
2. Select Pre-Sale
3. Select event date 
4. Enable Presale 

Send a single pre-sale code:

5. Click + Add Code
6. Enter customer email and ticket allocation
7. Add Code
8. Tick box next to Email
9. Click Send Email With Code 

Alternatively, mass upload pre-sale code email addresses to admin: 

5. Create CSV file with email addresses in column A and ticket allocation per email address in column B
6. Click Upload Codes and select CSV file from Computer
7. Once emails have finished uploading into Presale Codes section, tick box next to Email
8. Click Send Email with Code

All codes can be viewed in the Pre-Sale Codes section of the event admin. You are able to keep track of the number of codes that have been used and the corresponding purchase reference numbers.

Note: To put the event date on general sale, the pre-sale function needs to be deactivated. 

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