How To Set Up Ticket Slot Times

If you require your tickets to be sold in time slots or sessions (for example, tour times or food sittings) then this can be applied in the ticket type set up. 

Time slots should be specified in the ticket type name, for example 1pm Tour, 2pm Tour, 3pm Tour. The specific ticket type event times can then be set by clicking the BLUE COG button next to the ticket type and adjusting the 'event start time / event end time' option. 

For each time slot you can set an individual cost and ticket allocation by setting the ticket type 'price' and 'quantity'

Ticket types can be added on the 'Ticketing' tab found in the 'Edit Listing and Tickets' section of the admin



If you have multiple tickets types for each time slot and need to ensure a max amount of tickets is sold across the session then please use the GROUP TICKET option, details of how to set this up can be found by following this link

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