Add Tags/Labels to Attendee List

Adding tags to your attendee list allows you to assign labels to occurrences happening at your event. For example, if you have varying tour guides managing sessions you can specify their names on the downloadable list. 

You are able add tags to multiple or singular event dates. To start you are required to add an over-all category name (for example, tour guides) and then specify the category tags (for example, Matt, Harry, Liz). You are able to add a number of categories and tags to each (for example, see Food column in screenshot)

- log into event admin
- click MANAGE and scroll down to the MANAGE TAGS section
- you can filter event dates using the EVENTS BETWEEN boxes 
- in the TAGS box click EDIT 
- firstly click ADD NEW CATEGORY and specify overall category name
- you can then specify CATEGORY TAGS
- once saved, drag category tags to sit under the category name next to ticket types (see screenshot above)

Once tags have been added they can be viewed on the attendee list under the ticket type section: 

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